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Mountaineering in India Mountaineering in India

The Indian sub-continent is home to the Himalayas, the highest and mightiest mountain range in the world. No surprise then, that India is one of the most desired mountaineering destinations that attracts amateurs, veterans, as well as professional mountain climbers from all over the world. The adventure sport of mountaineering is one that requires grit and determination, together with high levels of physical fitness.

One must have the capacity to fight the merciless cold, buffeting winds, frostbite, rarefied air and treacherous narrow snow covered trails. And if you feel that you have these qualities in you, then the Indian mountains are a destination to reckon with!

We, at India Holiday Trip, can offer you thrilling mountain adventure tour packages to ensure that your mountaineering expedition is easily arranged and undertaken with out a hitch. In case you are an amateur climber, you could opt for one of the easier routes, and avail the services of our experienced mountain guides. or, if you are an experienced mountaineer, you could choose one of the more difficult routes. Our mountaineering itineraries are flexible schedules that can be tailored as per your convenience, so that your mountain adventure is exactly how you want it to be!

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