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Assam tea garden Assam tea garden Assam tea garden


Located in the Northeastern part of India near the Brahmaputra River, the Assam Tea Gardens are located in the Assam Valley. It has the largest tea plantations in the world with around 600 tea estates. These gardens produce more than 1,500,000 pounds of tea every year. Being the land of widely spread tea gardens and tea estates, Assam produces some high quality tea leaves. Rich and strong with a distinctive malty taste are the features of the tea of Assam. Tourists have the excellent opportunities to walk through the tea garden and have a refreshing experience.

The Exclusive Assam Tea

The quality of Assam tea is the finest. Assam has a first flush and a second flush tea. On one side the first flush boasts of a rich and refreshing aroma and on the other hand, the second flush produces the popular 'Tippy Teas' (Tippy refers to black tea along with gold tips or that appears to be golden-coloured leaf). The quantity of tip varies, depending on the area and location of the tea estate from which the tea comes from. The golden tip present in Assam tea, tends to reduce the bitter characteristic of the tea which also makes it sweet and smooth. Therefore, the quality of Assam tea can be enjoyed by all tea drinkers.

The Production

The state of Assam is a full bodied tea along with good malty flavour. Dominated by the Brahmaputra River, Assam valley has a deep and sandy soil and a relatively dry and cool winter, which is equally important. The production of black tea can be divided into two categories- Orthodox and CTC (Crush, Tear and Curl).

Assam Tea Festival

Held in different corners of Assam, the tea festival takes place in the starting of the winter month of  November. The festivities in Jorhat are famed during the tea festival in Assam. The festival attracts visitors to visit the state of Assam during this season. The celebrations include a tour of the surrounding tea estates and gardens. There are golf clubs of the tea planters, which conduct competitions and games in the clubs. The visitors can also enjoy the local dishes of Assam. Other sporting activities include angling and adventure activities like Jungle safari.

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