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Tso Moriri Lake - The Lap of Mt. Mentok

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Tso Moriri Lake, Ladakh Tso Moriri Lake, Ladakh Tso Moriri Lake, Ladakh


Popularly known as the 'Mountain Lake', Tso Moriri is an imposing site amidst mountain ranges in Leh. Due to its serenity, it is an ideal place for enjoying relaxation. The lake measures around 28 km long from north to south and 4-6 km wide and around 100 feet deep.

Maximum depth of Tso Moriri Lake can be measured as 248 feet. Tso Moriri Lake is enveloped by barren hills, along with the backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

The deep blue water of the lake is crystal clear. Since the lake has no outlet, the waters are frequently brackish. Tso Moriri Lake once served as a popular source of salt.


Tso Moriri Lake lies in amidst the elevated district of Rupshu. The Rupshu valley locates south east of Ladakh on the road. From Manali to Leh, it is at an altitude ranging from 16,500 feet. The drive from Leh to Rupshu can be covered in around 9 hours.

This beautiful valley is also inhabited by the population of 'Changpas' who are nomadic shepherds. The region has rich wildlife and you can spot the wild ass, geese, black-necked cranes during the summers.

The lake is also known as the ‘Mountain Lake’ due to its characteristics of its positioning. This calm lake is nestled amidst the peaks, elevating over 20,000 feet, completely closing the lake from the outside world.

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