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  • A most enjoyable holiday where we will remember for many year. We Hope to come back one day Thank you Very much for everything

    Mr Embrey, Winchester UK
  • Keep up the good work. I am very pleased with your services and will future recommend you.

    Gheorghescu Lucian, Romania
  • The rajputana Sheraton at Jaipur and the Jaypee Palace were excellent but The Park in Delhi, wasn't in the same level, the public spaces like corridor were dirty.
    Excellent experience guided and suggested by an excellent tour conductor. Thanks a lot.

    Aida Angulo, Venezuela
Bangaram Island in Lakshadweep Adventure in Lakshadweep Agatti Island in Lakshadweep Lava Dance in Lakshadweep


Lakshadweep Islands is an attractive holiday destination for nature lovers. Soft sand and plenty of sun, a group of 35 islands with lush landscape and beautiful beaches are known for diving and snorkeling with amenities. We represent major travel services for India tour and travel to secure land in this beautiful island.

It is believed that the Lakshadweep islands have been formed due to the coral. To each of these reefs these islands and seas around them was the unique color and beauty. The smallest of all the Union Territories India, Lakshadweep is tucked safely away from the hubbub of the modern.

Tourist Attractions in Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep islands are naturally best for tourists. Marine life big to embed in your memory! Lakshadweep has everything to relax and rejuvenate away from the crowd, you will Madding.


Bangaram Island has been developed as a tourist center and is the only open to foreign tourists, in addition to certain specified islands other visitors a day are allowed. Just an hour and a half away from Agatti Island Bangaram charms you with coconut canopies, colorful boats and fish suffering Reynolds and hues. Right from a glass bottom boat and speed boat wind surfing, kayaking, and you may indulge in any activity to the amazing service Bangaram fishing, deep sea diving, rafting, sailing boats and snorkeling. other water activities you can enjoy at Bangaram do not forget to treat your taste buds with Lakshadweep tuna, squid and other seafood luxury options. The Asian dolphins, Leopard Moray eels, cuttlefish frogfish, manyan and turtles as they swim by you Tinnakara, Parali-I and Parali-II a great journey of Bangaram..


West Palm Beach capillaries of Agatti is indeed a heaven on earth, one of the natural treasures of the islands of Lakshadweep. Console yourself in the combination of sun, sand and sea Agatti boasts of being the only island in Lakshadweep with an airport. Therefore, all air transport between the islands and the mainland, Lakshadweep India takes place through Agatti Agatti addressed so accurate. 'Gateway to the Lakshadweep islands' while Agatti not miss the experience of fiberglass boats and the country canoes. Among a variety of water sports offered at Agatti snorkeling, kayaking and canoeing..


Kavaratti is the administrative capital of Lakshadweep Islands. Rocker switch coconut invite you to a time in your life while Kavaratti not in mosques Urja happens to be one of the mosques, the most beautiful among the 52 mosques in Kavaratti ornate ceiling of the mosque, which has been carved out. from a piece of driftwood on the need to Kavaratti is the Aquarium that will captivate you with a variety of colorful fish and coral. Then the Lakshadweep Museum that is home to many of the artifacts.

Other Tourist Attractions in Lakshadweep

The longest island in the Lakshadweep group of islands is the Andrott island tomb of Hazrat Ubaidullah and the Buddhist ruins of ancient Kurdistan is a major attraction for tourists Andrott island.

Minicoy is a large island in the Lakshadweep islands near the Maldives, while Minicoy You need to factory canned tuna, a lighthouse was built by the British back in 1885 and enjoyed their work. traditional dance lava.

Koh Lanta is Kadmat Lakshadweep boasts of water sports institutions. Also Dives Laca, dive center attracts adventure seekers from far and wide Kadmat is noteworthy that Kadmat a diving course package is the cheapest in the world.

Kalpeni of the Lakshadweep islands of coral that you may enjoy life with attractive amenities attractions. Surrounded by spectacular views of the lake, you may love to swim, reef walk, snorkel or indulge in water sports such as kayaking and boating. Off the Islets of Tilakkam and Pitti.

How to Reach Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep is 400 kilometers west of the coast of Kerala. From the Indian mainland, you can board a regular flight or Cochin and Agatti, passing ships. Indian airlines provide air transportation and ship sails the main island of Lakshadweep sequence. Including island tours, you may need to use a boat or helicopter services, because they are usually separated by thousands of miles, can take between 3-20 hours for any.

We provide complete travel packages, and Lakshadweep tourism and travel services. We provide complete arrangement from the license, booking air / sea reservation service, transit accommodation and other facilities Cochin / Agatti, ground / boat transport facilities and transport facilities, visiting any of Lakshadweep. We will be happy to serve you in any way. All you need to do is fill in the form at the end of this page, send us your travel inquiries and at the earliest, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Important Travel Information

Travel to Cochin or Travel to Delhi in many Lakshadweep, you will need to obtain an entry permit. In order to obtain a license to provide some details, such as passport details, nationality and other evidence. Only Indian nationals in many Lakshadweep islands are allowed to enter the country.

Most of the equipment required for water sports are all Lakshadweep islands themselves.

Visitors banned alcoholic drinks into the Lakshadweep islands.

It is illegal to pick up from any Lakshadweep coral. So, if you want to collect any coral souvenirs, then prepare as punishment, you will need to pay huge fines.

Similarly, visitors should not littering around, destroying the beautiful waters.

Visitors are expected to help the local government and residents in the islands of Lakshadweep protecting ecologically fragile coral islands.

So visitors should keep in mind Lakshadweep should follow the golden rule, "Do not leave anything, do not take anything."

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