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Mizoram Waterfall Mizoram Beauty Mizoram Dance

Mizoram is a land of mysteries, myths, culture and natural beauty which occupies a prized place in the itineraries of Northeast India tourism. Tourists travel to Mizoram to enjoy the beauty and charm of its mountain peaks enveloped in mist, lush green fields, mesmerizing valleys, lovely streams, rich flora and fauna, dense bamboo forests and quaint tribal villages. Sharing its borders with Assam, Manipur, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar, this lovely state is high on aesthetic beauty. Mizoram means, the 'land of Mizos' (tribe) who migrated to this land hundreds of years ago. Aizwal is the capital city of this state.

Some of the major Attractions of Mizoram are:

Caves of Mizoram

The caves are one of the most fascinating attractions of Mizoram. If you are seeking adventure then you must visit the caves of Mizoram. The Pukzing cave is a 25 m long cave scooped out of hills. It is the largest cave in the state. Milu Puk is another cave worth a visit. It is called the cave of skulls as a heap of skeletons were derived from it in the past. Lamsial Puk and Kungawrhi Puk are the other caves which can be visited.


Mizoram is a heaven for adventure lovers. The adventure sport like trekking can be best  enjoyed in the picturesque and green valleys of this state. The valleys blooms with colorful flowers which are rejuvenating. Mountaineering is another adventure you can enjoy here. Champai, Phawangpui, Lunglei Town and Phawngpui National Park are the best adventure sites in the state.


Waterfalls are the fascinating feature of Mizoram Tourism. Surrounded by picturesque surroundings and offering romantic ambiance, the waterfalls attract many a tourist from far and wide. The Vantawng Fall is the largest waterfall in Mizoram which is a famous picnic spot. Surrounded by bamboo grooves, this waterfall is an amazing attraction which must be visited on your Mizoram tour.


The lovely and romantic lakes of Mizoram add more charm to this already enchanting destination. Boating and fishing can be enjoyed in these lakes. Some of the famous lakes of this region are Tamdil Lake, Palak Lake , Rungdil Lake and Rengdil Lake.


It is the biggest mountain in this region where you can treat your senses with breathtaking views. It is dotted with several rare species of flora.

Phulpui Grave

This grave belongs to an extremely beautiful girl named Tualvungi and her lover Zawlpala. They had a tragic love story.


Mizoram is rich in bio-diversity and is a home to several species of wildlife. Some of its wildlife sanctuaries are Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary,  Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary,  Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary,  Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary,  Phawngpui National Park,  Dampa Sanctuary and  Murlen National Park.

Shopping in Mizoram

Browse the bazaars of Mizoram for wonderful handicrafts like shawls, textiles, bags, bamboo and cane articles. Don't forget to buy waterproof Khumbeu ceremonial bamboo hat which is crafted from Hanahthial leaves.


High on nutrients, the dishes of Mizoram are non-spicy. 'Zu' (tea) is its popular drink which you must try out.


Good hotels falling into different categories are available in the state. The capital city Aizwal has the best hotels.

How To Reach Mizoram

By Air: Aizawl is the only airport of Mizoram which connects it to Guwahati and Kolkata.

By Rail: There is no railway station in Mizoram. The nearest railway station is at Silchar in Assam.

By Road: Mizoram is well connected by good network of roads to the some of the main northeastern cities.

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