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Desert National Park Desert National Park Desert National Park


Counted amongst the largest national parks, Desert National Park is sprawled over an area of around 3162 km². Located in the royal state of Rajasthan, this national park is a perfect example of the ecosystem of the Thar Desert. The park consists of sand dunes, rocks and salt lake bottoms. The park is situated at a distance of around 40 km from Jaisalmer. November to march is considered as the best time to explore this amazing national park.


Being a desert national park, most of the vegetation lies on the edges. Tourists can see palm, salai, dhok, ronj and many more in this national park. As the terrain of the park includes craggy rocks,  high sand dunes and compact salt lake bottoms, it has diverse flora, 


Resident species of the park are chinkara, black buck, desert fox, hare, Bengal fox, wolf and many more. Unusual bio-diversity of the park also provides shelter to different avian species and reptiles.

For bird-watchers, Desert national park is not less than paradise. Pride of the park is the Great Indian Bustard, this protected species is one of the heaviest birds that can fly. Apart from this endangered species, the park is also home to bush quail, green bee-eaters, Indian rollers, drongos, bee eaters, kestrels, spotted eagles, grouse, vultures, kites, tawny eagles and falcons.

Reptile's in the park include some highly poisonous  species. Spiny tail lizard, monitor lizard and saw scaled viper can be spotted easily. Wildlife lovers will definitely lose their heart in this one of its kind national park.

How to Reach

The closest airport is located in Jodhpur. It provides regular service to and from prime locations in the country. Tourists from other countries can reach Delhi or Mumbai and can further take a flight to reach Jodhpur. For rail travellers, Jaisalmer serves the closest. Jaisalmer railway station is well connected with rest of the country through a wide rail network. If you wish to reach it by road, a well linked network is available. It connects the city with all the nearby cities.

Important Travel Information

Travellers can take a ride on Jeep to explore the region. This is the best way to explore the region. This will give you a chance to cover maximum area in minimum time. If you wish to satisfy your adventure buds in the best possible manner, Camel safari will do. Exploring Desert national park on this royal safari is a one of its kind of experience. Camping is another adventurous activity that you can enjoy in the park. Pair of binoculars and zoom cameras can be taken to capture some wonderful memories.


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