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Forts in Rajasthan

Amber Fort Jaipur Rajasthan IMehrangarh Fort, Rajasthan Ranthambore Fort, Rajasthan

The beautiful state of Rajasthan is home to some of the most impressive and grand forts in the world. These massive structures are not only excellent examples of Mughal and Rajput forms of architecture but also serve as proud reminders of Rajasthan's past glory. You can find these magnificent forts everywhere from steep hilltops of the Aravalli Range to the vast plains of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. The forts in Rajasthan may look quite rugged and rough on the exterior. But once you enter you will be amazed to see the beautiful palaces, temples and gardens within the forts. In other words these forts are full of surprises. You never know what to expect from the next fort you going to visit. It seems as if you are suddenly transported to the time when brave kings and warriors walked through those massive causeways and issued orders to their men from the tall ramparts. You can almost hear these relics narrating the tales of valor, chivalry and sacrifice they had been witness to.

Many forts in Rajasthan also offer an excellent display weapons, paintings and other royal paraphernalia. Some of them also house proper museums that are great places to know about the history of the state. All the forts have different stories to tell like the Junagadh Fort that has remained unconquered till date. The Chittorgarh fort narrates the heroic tale of Queen Padmini and the doomed ideal of Rajput chivalry. The Kumbalgarh Fort and its other cousins like the Amber Fort, Mehrangarh Fort and the Taragarh Fort also have great stories to tell.

Some forts in Rajasthan have been converted into heritage hotel, which ensure a luxurious stay for their guests. You can also explore the palaces situated within some of the forts and marvel at their exquisite carvings and decorations. Visiting Rajasthan and its forts can be an amazing experience for anyone. So if you are planning to visit India in the near future, do take out some time and visit some the forts in Rajasthan and relive the glory and splendor of exotic Rajasthan that would be an experience to remember.

Some of the most famous forts in Rajasthan are listed below.

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