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Terracotta Craft, West Bangal Kantha Embroidery, West Bangal Painting, West Bangal

Arts and crafts comprise a whole host of activities and hobbies that are related to making things with one's hands and skill. And West Bengal is known all over the world for its expertise in art and crafts. Some of the popular art and crafts of this place are:

Kantha Embroidery

This is a beautiful style of embroidery that originated in West Bengal. It is the type of stitching in which decorative images on clothes are outlined with colorful threads and running stitches. This stitch is used for designing saris, ethnic-wear, dhotis, bed-linen, cushion covers, quilts and more.

Terracotta Craft

It is among the most renowned art and crafts of this place whose charm is known throughout the globe. This style of craft was developed during the reign of Malla rulers, in the 16th -17th century. It is a folk craft where the themes are drawn from epics and old legends but nowadays several decorative household items are made with terracotta. Among all the terracotta items Bankura horses are the most popular one. It is found in almost all the Bengali households because of auspicious purposes.

Scroll Painting

It is the painting which is done on thick fabrics with the help of natural colors extracted from petals, flowers and leaves. It is popularly called Pat Chitra in Bengal and varies in length and height. The whole drawing on the fabrics represents several stories divided into the several sections.

Conch Shell Crafts

This craft is actually an art of engraving decorative motifs on the natural shells obtained from the ocean. The beautiful crafting and delicate work makes it a popular item of decorations. Apart from this it is being considered as extremely auspicious in the Hindu mythology which heightens its demand among people.  

Dokra Metal Craft

It is one of the most popular forms of art practiced in Bengal named after the tribe which practiced it. Dhokra Craft indicates a variety of beautifully shaped and decorated brassware products created by the lost wax process. It is actually the art of creating statues, jewelries, idols, ceremonial and religious figures, ornaments and kitchenware.

Sholapith Craft

Sholapith (also referred to as shola and Indian cork) is a milky-white weight sponge-wood which is carved into delicate and beautiful objects of art. It is among the popular crafts practiced in the West Bengal. This is used for making religious as well as several decorative items.

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